What We Do...

We help you find a better way to build.

a Better Way to Build… is a Better Way to Live.


We as building and construction consultants, provide guidance on how to build beyond code, with a focus on how the building should perform for its occupants.  We also view the building through the lens of Zoetic® Attributes of Healthy, Safe, Comfortable, Smart, Sustainable, and Energy-Efficient™ for residential homes and commercial buildings.  As consultants, our main objective is to determine our client’s objectives and goals and deliver our expertise in a simple meaningful manner that allows our clients to make informed decisions.



As educators, we pride ourselves on our ability to teach our clients on how to live better by building an environment that they are able to choose for themselves.  We look at that total environment from the human body and the built environment.  We educate in a manner that reduces technical jargon and simplify to understandable means and methods.  We help our clients establish their goals for their project and ensure their goals are met.  We teach our clients about building-sciences, what sustainable building terminology means, how it translates into their project, and why it benefits them.


Our process involves working with clients to determine their needs, set project goals, and act as an intermediary throughout the design+build process. We view advocacy as the key to obtaining our clients’ goals.  We understand that they will encounter resistance throughout the entire project from architects, building departments, general contractors, builders, subcontractors and even friends and family.  We act on their behalf to ensure their objectives and goals are met.


We collaborate with architects, engineers, builders, designers, and manufacturers as our partners.  As a team, we collaborate to focus on our clients’ objectives and goals.  We discuss and evaluate alternative solutions to determine the best method for obtaining their goals. We rely on others expertise for information and knowledge so that our clients can benefit from our wide scope of resources.  We are directly involved in the industry in which we maintain relationships with like-minded businesses and people that are the most knowledgeable.  Our partners are organized to act as one team, incorporating best building practices to achieve the goals of the project.

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