Zoetic® Services

What can we do for you?

Zoetic® Engineering & Construction Consulting

Mechanical Engineering Consulting

  • Building Envelope
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanicals

Zoetic® provides construction consulting services throughout the entire build process from pre-design planning to completion in order to achieve the designed-specified performance levels. We look at all factors to determine better means and methods to meet the owners’ goals and requirements.

Thermal Envelope Consulting

  • Energy Modeling
  • HERS Score Index

Zoetic® provides insight and instruction on how best to achieve project goals to lower HERS index and reduce air leakage and energy consumption. We provide in-depth analysis in determining which thermal envelope will perform to the desired goals of the building owner.

Design & Value Engineering

  • Plan Review

Zoetic® reviews permit plans and documents to provide recommendations for building-code compliance, construction cost savings, improvements, alternate building materials and more. 

Third-Party Certfications

  • EnergyStar
  • Water Sense
  • Indoor Air
  • LEED
  • NGBS
  • DOE- Net Zero Ready
  • Passive House
  • Living Challenge 

Zoetic® assists you in certification selection, comparing cost, complexity, and return on investment. There is a multitude of third-party certifications. Which one is right for the project? 

Renewable Energy Technology

  • Solar 
  • Wind 
  • Geothermal

Zoetic® assists in developing the best renewable energy strategy. We can assist in the sizing and details of PV array installation on individual rooftops or a community solar farm installation.

Smart Technology

Zoetic® assists in providing product knowledge and selection depending on project goals. We consult on smart thermostats, automated, and circadian rhythm lighting systems, home control systems and more.

Heating and Cooling Load Calculation

Manual J-  Required By Code

This is now required by code in many municipalities. It uses a specific protocol to determine the amount of capacity required to properly heat/cool a given building in a given location and orientation. Improperly sized equipment can lead to moisture problems, noisy ducts, premature failure of equipment, discomfort due to hot and cold spots, and higher energy bills

HVAC Equipment Selection

Manual S- 

System Equipment Selection. Our Zoetic® technical team will make recommendations, based on the Manual J calculations, as to what equipment size and specifications should be installed in the project to meet your needs and goals.

HVAC Duct System Design

Manual D- Required By Code

Our Zoetic® technical team will design the most cost-effective and energy-efficient duct system for your project. Including duct layout, sizing, and fitting selection to ensure your total system’s efficiency is as high as possible and the effectiveness of the installed equipment is not compromised. Duct design is often the weak link between equipment selection and total home comfort.

Site Selection & Building Orientation

Due diligence of site selection and improvement is critical.  Zoetic® assists in the due diligence of the site selection process.  Orientation review is an important step in designing fenestration placement to help reduce solar gain or take advantage of it through passive solar gain and PV solar arrays.  

High-Performing Product Selections

Zoetic® helps you select high-quality, higher-performing product selections like low-flow plumbing fixtures, attractive ultra-low VOC cabinets, sustainable flooring options and more.

Architectural and Interior Design

Zoetic® has a team of architects ready to help design a new project or make improvements to an existing plan.  Our design team is experienced in single infill lot projects, city and suburban, as well as full subdivision development with multi-family and mixed-use complexity. 

We are experienced in integrated-design.  We can be a member of an integrated-design team or we can help you establish your integrated-design team.

Construction Management

Zoetic® has a proprietary system that allows you to take full control of your build. It allows subcontractors to photo document daily work, allows homeowner clients to log-in and see progress, the accounting mode keeps the books open and transparent. This system is a great risk management and customer relation tool.

Balanced FREsh-air Ventilation

Required By Code

Zoeitc® provides Fresh-Air-Ventilation Control System consulting and design for comfort and humidity control.

Energy Modeling

Residential and Commerical Energy simulation using REM/Rate modeling software for HERS Index, performance-path code compliance, insulation optimization,  and/or solar array sizing. 

Indoor air quality consulting

Zoetic® provides recommendations for treating and maintaining indoor air quality as it relates to HVAC design decisions and equipment.

Healthy home evaluation

Zoetic® provides a Healthy Home Evaluation and Consulting services.

Radiant Consulting and Design

Zoeitc® provides radiant design up to 1500 SF of radiant area for hydronic loop of electric mat system. 

Net-Zero Energy Analysis

Feasibility analysis, consulting and design for Net-Zero Energy or Net-Zero Energy Ready homes and buildings

Geothermal Analysis & Conceptual Design

Zoetic® provides analysis and conceptual design services for ground-source heat pump system (GSHP).

zoetic® sustainability Consulting

Water Management

Zoetic® provides a variety of methods for increasing water-use efficiency, reducing waste and utility bills.  Water intrusion analysis.

Pollutant Management

To keep pollutants found in construction materials and finishes to a  minimum, Zoetic® offers alternate choices in materials. Taking this step keeps the contractors safer and provides a healthier indoor environment for the building owner.

Native Landscaping

Zoetic® provides assistance with  Xeriscapes landscape planning for drought resistant, low maintenance plantings native to your area.

Construction Waste Reduction

Zoetic® provides assistance with landscape planning for drought resistant, low maintenance plantings native to your area.

Energy- Efficiency

Zoetic® carefully analyzes the project for the best measures to reduce energy use.  Reducing energy use by 30-70% is possible depending on the goals of the project.

Renewable Energy

Zoetic® provides complete system design, energy-modeling, installation of  Solar Photovoltaic and Geothermal systems for both residential and commercial applications.

zoetic® REAL Estate Services

Sales & Marketing

Zoetic® works with real estate companies to assist them in marketing the unique feature set of higher performing homes and buildings.  Understanding how a building performs is key to being able to translate the importance of the special features and turn the superior construction in real value in the marketplace.  We provide and implement a complete targeted marketing plan the enhance the sales and marketing effort.

Market Analytics for Developers & Builders

Zoetic® can identify competitors across a larger ‘move area’.  Once identified we report on their sales history, current sales activity, and sales methods.  We will analyze the competitors marketing approach and make suggestions to differentiate yourself and put your product in the best position possible to gain more sales over the competition.


Comparative Market Analysis of Buildings

Zoetic® can provide a comprehensive market analysis of buildings with pricing suggestions based on competitor sales data and active sales inventory.  We know the value of sustainable and energy-efficient features in the marketplace and take those features into account when suggesting a list price.

Land Search and Acquisition

Zoetic® can locate sites for consideration and assist in the selection and purchase of land for development.

Site Selection Analytics

Zoetic® can provide market analysis and market analytics reports based on a proposed development to help you make informed decisions.

Model Home Staging

Zoetic® in model staging and sales center showrooms and educational displays.

Zoetic® Complete Branding

Zoetic® offers a full branding package for a complete turnkey solution.  We add the following attributes to your projects: Healthy, Safe, Comfortable, Smart, Sustainable and Energy-Efficient®.

Trained "Green" Agents

We use and recommend using agents are passionate about sustainability and how to make Earth a better place to live.  Many of these agents also have added designations from the National Association of Realtors® and other organizations.  You will find these agents to be experienced in construction and design and the building sciences.  Based upon providing a client experience beyond the typical agent, they will educate you so you will be able to make critical decisions as to how to accomplish your goals for acquiring land, building or remodeling a home or building.