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Alternative Construction

Zoetic® University educates builders on building beyond the current building codes. Why?

A higher-performing buildings offers the building-owner more value and better resale value.  The builder gets to outperform the competition by selling buildings more quickly and profitably.  Market differentiation for the builder is critical.  Studies have shown homebuyers and renters want Healthy, Safe, Comfortable, Smart, Sustainable, and Energy-Efficient™ buildings, Zoetic® helps builders find a better way to build.

Healthy Living & Sustainability

  • Building Envelope, Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanicals
  • Indoor Air Quality, Indoor Environmental Quality, Moisture Intrusion
  • Solar and Other Renewable Energy Technology
  • Energy Modeling
  • Manual J, S and D Calculations
  • HVAC Equipment Selection
  • Duct Design

Consulting for Sustainable Buildings Includes:

  • Water Management
  • Pollutant Management
  • Waste Reduction
  • Building Material Selection
  • Recyclable Material Selection
  • Energy-Efficient Measures
  • Native Plantings
  • Biophilic Design

Real Estate Sales & PROPERTY Marketing

Real Estate Sales & PROPERTY Marketing

Zoetic® Building Consultants (ZBC) has teamed up with Yellow Brick Properties (YBP), to provide our builder-clients with a full range of services to solve the dilemmas many builders face.  

Every agent at Yellow Brick Properties holds the GREEN designation through The National Association of REALTORS®.  The Yellow Brick Properties Team understands how to sell the features and benefits of higher-performing homes and buildings.  

They are skilled at assisting builders and their clients with selecting and purchasing land for a single-project, small subdivision, community, or commercial development.

Yellow Brick Properties offers real estate consulting to help our builder-clients position themselves correctly in the marketplace:

Comparative Market Analysis

  • YBP can provide a comprehensive market analysis with pricing suggestions based on competitor sales data and active sales inventory.

Market Analytics

  • YBP can identify competitors across a larger “move” area.  Once identified we report on their sales history, current sales activity, and sales methods.

Site Selection Analytics

  • YBP can provide the market analysis and market analytic reports based upon a proposed development or site.  This would include how many buyers/renters/workforce in a given market area are looking for homes, are expected to move, and income demographics.

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