We help you work with architects, builders and realtors.

How about a Better Way To Live?

Thinking About Building?

Zoetic® Building Consultants assists homeowners and home-buyers when considering a new construction build, you may be overwhelmed by all the options and decisions.  We designed our company around helping you figure out a better way to build.  

It is important that your new home be Healthy, Safe, Comfortable, Smart, Sustainable, and Energy-Efficient™ without sending too much. We help you set project goals based on your own special set of circumstances, then our team pulls together to get it done!

We work with you to develop floor plans that are right-sized for the functionality and adaptability you desire.  We educate you on your options and selections so you can make the best choices.

Even if you are already working with an architect and/or a builder, we can work with your team as well.  Give us a call, we work with all architects and builders as your advocate.

We even have real estate services that help you find that perfect property and match it to your dream home.  Site selection is a key component in ensuring you have a comfortable home.

In The Design Process?

Our technical team will review your architectural plans. Our review includes a close examination of the mechanical systems and drawings to make sure your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system are properly-sized for your home. 

We believe a minimum of 7 out of 10 homes are improperly-sized, resulting poor-comfort and premature-failure of equipment after only 5-10 years into their life-expectancy.  Properly sized equipment is design to last 20-25 years of trouble-free operation.  Many builders and architects skip-over this critical analysis and default to their HVAC contractor who generally uses their rule-of-thumb.

A Better Way To Build

By reviewing the thermal-envelope of your building and the proper-sizing of HVAC mechanical equipment is the single most important step in the entire build+design process.  Zoetic Building Consultants can ensure your building is healthy and more comfortable.  Our review can be an in-depth analysis or a quick overview, it is up to you.  It makes common-sense to get a second opinion before you begin to invest in a design+build project.


Let us work together…